The AQN was established in July 2004 following on from 3 years of development. This was in response to a need to ensure that the AQN would be able to address the assessment needs of the adventure industry as an independent body. The development was also in response to an emerging need for an accredited provider organisation to handle the administration of National Qualifications assessments for the Adventure Industry in South Africa.

National Qualifications were being developed and many assessors trained, but no provision had been made to assist an industry, which in general hates paperwork, to process the administration needs of the qualifications and to monitor quality. Also, policy that was being put in place did not understand or take any note of the particular needs or circumstances of the Adventure industry, and as such, the industry was incapable of accessing National Qualifications in a way that met the particular needs of the industry and importantly met the industry standards already recognised both locally and internationally.

  • The AQN therefore, is a dynamic industry needs driven organisation that responds to the needs of its Licensed Affiliate Assessors, to meet the demands of an increasingly complex National Qualifications system.
  • The AQN itself does not undertake assessments, but only provides a means by which other independent Assessors can offer qualifications to learners.
  • It provides for the needs of practitioners who must to hold formal qualifications in order to meet the various legal Acts of Parliament relative to guiding.
  • The AQN provides an administrative service to Industry Associations, so that they can reduce the cost of administering their own training programs.
  • The AQN designs and implements training and assessment programs both locally and internationally, that meet or exceed the industry requirements.
  • With its broad knowledge base of training an assessment principles, the AQN advises other organisations on best practice, and assists organisations to set up their own training & assessment programs.

To ensure the AQN can consistently meet legislative requirements, member’s requirements and its own needs, a comprehensive approach to quality assurance has been implemented.

Initially the AQN focuses on a few of the core areas needed in the Adventure Industry. These being in the Mountaineering, Paddling, Marine, Marine Guiding & Adventure Base Learning areas, but will also offer access to other qualifications as and when a need is identified.

2011 Onwards – AQN is currently investigating expanding its programmes into other countries with the aim of forming joint co operative agreements with similar organisations worldwide so as to allow easy portability of qualifications and practitioners across international boundaries. If your organisation would like to be part of making qualifications for the industry truly portable internationally, please contact us.

The AQN’s systems and processes are highly portable, and as such suitable for conversion to any other organisation, country or program.

Should you have a need for a formal training program, or are a qualified assessor wishing to assess adventure based qualifications in your own area of speciality – contact the AQN for information about how we can help you and your organisation or industry.

The AQN does not enter into contract with individual Learners for training or assessment purposes – this must be done through the licensed facilitators own companies. AQN can provide free advice on qualifications and a referral service to licensed facilitators.