Appeals Policy

The AQN respects the right of all Learners to complaint, or to appeal, or to lodge any other grievance that may arise due to such persons association with the AQN and/ or its Affiliates. All such submissions must be reported within our quality assurance system, to the AQN online via the link which you were sent in our emails to you on registration or via hard copy on the appeals form. Ask us to email you a copy. Further, submissions should be in writing and should include a request for confirmation of receipt, to ensure recognition of each case. A complaint/appeals form is available from the AQN or your Trainer / Assessor, or from a link in any email sent to you by the AQN automated system.

10.1 Appeals Policy:

The Affiliates typically possesses knowledge and skills at a level far above that of the Learners. Learners should, therefore, respect the advice and experience of the Affiliate and, ideally, avoid entering into dispute that diverts valuable time away from the task at hand.

However, if a Learner has a genuine grievance, he/she should explain to the Affiliate what the problem is, so a solution can be found and applied. In such cases, this should be all done in a considerate manner that causes the least possible disturbance to the flow of the course.

Regarding grievances that involve safety, Learners should note that certain procedures, in some modules of training, could appear, to an inexperienced person, to be dangerous. However, it must be said that the Affiliates are acutely aware of the risks involved and take utmost care to ensure that these are conducted safely, with all due care. Any complaint based on safety issues should, therefore, be carefully considered and weighed up before grievance action is formally lodged with the AQN.

If disputes arise, the Affiliates try to resolve them by working towards a mutually agreeable solution. It is AQN policy to ensure that our Learners are completely satisfied with the professionalism, course content and relevancy of the training and assessment.

Appeals Process

Our Appeals Process may be found in the Learner Handbook.