Self Directed Study

A Self-Directed Training and Assessment Programme…” description=”…designed for persons who guide adventure activities who wish to study the theoretical part of the course in your own time at home enabling you to be able to challenge final assessment and then register with the Department of National Tourism as an Adventure Site Guide

The course is based on the South African National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Skills Program TG/ADVSITEGD/4/0080.

Training is designed to be relevant and generic.

Adventure Site Guides provide guided experiences to customers specifically providing adventure based activities. Learners can progress in the industry by completing this skills program in the context of a single activity discipline and then extending their learning to include additional activity disciplines before moving on to complete a full national certificate in tourism guiding or expanding into additional areas of guiding and adventure based learning.

There is no limit to the specialisations of this course however the course must be run “IN CONTEXT” to the specialisation or activity being undertaken. In other words, if you wish to be assessed as a “Tree Top Canopy Guide” and also as a “Surfing” Guide, you will need to do two assessments. However depending on the specialisation you want, it may be possible to do only one training course. Speak to AQN about this.

This online course only covers 4 of the 5 days required training for this course and you will be required to undergo 1 days onsite coaching and 1 days assessment in addition to this course the cost of which is not covered in these course fees.

This is not a technical skills training course, and you are already expected to have mastered the technical abilities of the activity you wish to guide. If you do not have these skills, we may be able to provide them. Speak to us about this.

Please note that the cost of this process ONLY includes the costs associated with this online course and does not include the 1 days coaching and the practical assessment.

You have 120 days from registration to complete this assessment. Thereafter additional fees will be charged if you wish to continue.

The Process

Once you have registered with AQN for this course, the process that will be follows is:

  1. You will work through the online training process, and submit all the evidence needed to satisfy the specific outcomes of the skills program. We will tell you exactly what you need to submit.
  2. Continue to work for an adventure guiding company as real workplace experience is critical to successful completion of this course.
  3. An assessor will evaluate your submissions when complete, and advise on whether of not you have met the required outcomes. If there are gaps, the report will stipulate this, and you will be able to re submit anything outstanding.
  4. You will need to undergo a practical assessment. The cost of this is not included in this online cost.
  5. Once all outcomes have been met, you will be signed off for this skills program and a formal certificate will be issued.


Payment is made via STRIPE in SA Rand.

Cost can be seen here: GASG COURSE COST

How much will the Coaching and Final assessment Cost?

This is very difficult to work out without discussing it with you. But as a guideline…

  1. Assessors charge approximately R3500 per day. This they often divide by the number of Learners they are assessing on that day. Usually a maximum of 4.
  2. If you are doing the Camping module, then the assessment will take 2 days 1 night. So R7000 Assessors fee, divided by the number of Learners.
  3. Assessors will also charge the cost of Transport, Meals and Accommodation/Permits if necessary.

So it is always a good idea to discuss costs with your Assessor before agreeing to the final plan. Try to link up with other Learners so the costs are shared. It is often cheaper to go to the Assessor then the Assessor come to you.


  1. By purchasing this process from AQN you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above conditions, and have read the Learner Handbook.
  2. Once paid, fees are NON REFUNDABLE