Join AQN as a Facilitator

If you have answered yes to the questions on the left, perhaps you should think about becoming an affiliate of the Adventure Qualifications Network and start to offer adventure based training and assessment for adventure leaders wanting to gain formal qualifications registered with the South African Qualifications Authority.

Do it in your own workplace or others, in your own time, for your own income. Of course we do not mind if you decide to do it voluntarily, that’s up to you.

AQN has been accredited as a national qualifications provider since 2004, and we are opening up our affiliates membership in the near future to encourage skills development in the adventure industry.

Contact us if you are interested and we will provide further details. There is no obligation and contacting us will not cost you anything.

Affiliates of AQN are all fully qualified National Qualifications Assessors registered with the applicable Sector Education Training Authority – you do not have to be one before contacting us – we will explain how it all happens. For many of our affiliates, this has become their job, working for themselves in the adventure industry with AQN helping along the way. Southern Africa is desperately short of enthusiastic facilitators in the industry so if you are passionate, contact us below. Oh, yes there is one catch. There is paperwork involved, although we are slowly converting to all electronic systems, but attention to detail and a willingness to do the admin right is essential.

The one non negotiable requirement is that you hold a NQ Assessors Qualification – Look HERE for details of companies that offer this. Shop around as the prices vary a lot. Some also offer it as distance education.

To find out exactly what you need to become an AQN Affiliate, click this link

More info about “What is an Assessor