To be an AQN Facilitator...

AQN Affiliates are essentially self-employed trainers/assessors who are proven subject matter experts in the Adventure industry who have a passion for the development of people in our industry.

Affiliates of the AQN are self-employed, operating under their own name but licensed to use the accredited training program of AQN. AQN provides all the materials and oversight as well as maintains the legislated processes required to offer national qualifications.

As an accredited National Qualifications provider we are essentially a university of the adventure industry and as such have a duty of care to ensure our affiliates are up to the job. As  such there are a few requirements that affiliates must meet in order to be part of the team.

From a personal perspective, affiliates must:

  1. Hold the qualifications you want to assess.
  2. Hold a valid and current level 3 first aid certificate (preferably wilderness based) or higher qualification;
  3. Be a National Qualifications Assessor. i.e. Hold the Assessor Qualification through the ETDP SETA.   Here is more info if you need it.
  4. Submit a current Police clearance certificate – the presence of an infringement does not necessarily stop your application, but curtail crimes may. It is up to the directors to decide and their decision is final.
  5. Complete and agreement with AQN;
  6. Provide an updated CV detailing your subject matter expertise.
  7. Provide proof of your subject matter expertise. i.e. Be recognised in the industry.
  8. Have attended a facilitated course with one of our existing Affiliates to see how we run courses.
  9. Run a course or co run a course under observation to ensure you can teach and know the course. (These last two could be combined)

From a technology perspective, as AQN is trying to be as paperless as possible, but also has administrative systems which must be adhered to…

  1. Computer with at least one of the following operating systems. Anything less will not work
    1. Windows 10 or higher
    2. Windows VISTA will not work
    3. PDF Creator/Editor (or use the free Editor we can supply)
    4. Adobe Reader XI (It must be XI or later. Version X will not work) We can supply this free
  2. Java installed on your computer [Free]
  3. Dropbox Account [Free]
  4. Broadband (or access to) (preferably unlimited)
  5. Digital camera (or access to one)
  6. Scanner (or access to one)
  7. Printer (or access to one)
  8. AND the willingness to learn how to use new digital systems.

We understand that not everyone will necessarily have all this before contacting us, but we can assist you along the way. But remember it is your own business. We cannot finance you, but can help you build a business.