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“It is a vital course to do as it contains a lot that is subsequently used in real situations: it was the best thing I did for my return to professional guiding and it empowered me immensely.”

“I have been very favourably impressed with the rigour of the training and the assessment process and have felt stretched at times. If I am to be regarded as having qualified I will feel justly proud of the qualification.”

What have you found most Useful.

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When asked why they felt the skills were useful, Learners replied:

And finally a recent letter received from a Learner

Just wanted to post some feedback on the AML course and process of learning.  What I thought was going to be an 8 day course, has actually been a 3 month learning process and I have learnt far more than I had expected.  Its really not about the classroom time at all – there is so much learning in the practical time we spend and in the personal study time required for the tests and the project.

I think it is about the most thorough training programme I have ever been involved in – and I have done a lot of training programmes ! The combination of the classroom teaching with the practice of skills on the mountain is really excellent.  My main objective was to learn how to be responsible for a group of people – to learn how to run a safe guiding experience, dealing with emergencies and day to day needs.

And I have learnt so much and feel confident now to be a hiking leader and guide.  The most important were the first aid skills (specifically those relevant on the mountain such as the snake bites and fractures),  the navigation, rope skills and the emergency procedures.  So many essential skills – and all so important.

The combination of the classroom learning with the tests, the project and the practical – all provided different aspects of learning. And most important is realising there is always more to learn – its an ongoing process. But I know feel that I have an excellent foundation and with more practice and experience I will continue to benefit from what you have introduced to me.

So – I am a real fan and really appreciate all your input and support – I think the course is a must for anyone leading hikes on the mountain – and for those that just enjoy being on the mountain – the skills are so important to guides and hikers alike.